Good or Evil Origins?

I am greatly sorry for not having posted anything quite yet, but to be truthfully honest I have been debating on how to begin. I guess I should just start with the most recent item and that is the purpose of this blog. It is not only for me to ‘ramble’, as some put it, but to separate fact from fiction about a certain species out there. That species is the Vampyre. Yes, that is correct…. vampyres.

Vampyre myths have been around for a very long time. Almost each culture around the globe has a myth or legend about them. But where did these myths come from? Is not every myth based off some little bit of fact. So does that make vampyres real then? Some scientists will say no, that vampirism is just a psychological disorder. Though there are some of you out there who know different and say, yes. It is yes. We are here, maybe not physically anymore but we still are. Then the questions becomes something more: Why were vampyres created? Where did vampyres come from? That is where I can answer those questions. This story has been passed down to me from my father and a dear friend of mine (there credentials and my story in particular will be in a future blog post, as it is very long).

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I am sure everyone is familiar with the story of creation and the fall of man (I suggest reading about it here , it is a very truthful telling of it). With Lucifer’s fall and a third of the heavenly host a war in heaven begin. Angels versus Demons. During the war the tide had turned in favor of the demons. With their new powers and infectious demonic blood, it turned angels into demons bringing more to their side. The Creator seeing this decided to intervene and create a being to help even the playing field. He created the vampyres. They were stronger and faster. Most importantly because this new creature strode the line between life and death their bodies had become immune to the demonic blood. Being on the side of heaven it brother balance to the war.

The war was finally over once a certain seven demons switched sides and Michael cast Lucifer into Hell. The vampyre army were then called back up into Heaven, where they wait for when they will be needed again. Though a few of these vampyre warriors never made it back and fell into the Kingdom of Man. As such these became the first psychic vampyres (another blog will be devoted to psychic vampyres in the future).

It was not until much later that vampyres actually entered the Kingdom of Man. When a man decided to fall with his army to help Man out with the demons who were harming them (To read more specifically about “the fall” please read this site). Worrying that the same thing would happen on Earth as it did in Heaven the lead vampyre asked The Creator if a part of his army could also fall. He promised the creator they would not intervene and protect mankind unless it was needed and asked for.

Taking a small portion of his army “The Leader” lead them into the shadows of the Kingdom of Man. There they built the first vampyre coven and watched from the shadows. When falling into the Kingdom of Man physical and souls change slightly to adapt to the new Kingdom they will inhabit. Since Vampyres stride that line between life and death, the only way they were able to maintain their bodies on Earth was to drink blood. Because of staying in the shadows and drinking blood not many sought them out, yet “The Leader” kept to his promise and helped when asked.

When the War on Earth ended the main coven stayed to keep protecting and living out their own lives. Overtime vampyres split from the main coven to form smaller ones and such. I could go more into this history, but it is not needed. The history of each coven is for them to share not mine. I can only share our original origin and my own covens.

So there is the vampyre history all laid out bare. The beginning of vampyres and our true purpose in this world. It is not as “dark” as Hollywood would like you to think. It is much more light and love to our kind than what many think. It is only the misconceptions and others that wish to show as something dark. Now that does not mean that there are evil ones among us. There is evil in ever race, but that does not detract from the reason and purpose of any creation.

I am Isaac. I am a dhampyr. I am here to help separate fact from fiction. Vampyres are here, just like other species. I wish I could write about the others out there, but that is for others to do because they are more knowledgable about them. I am here to speak for my brethren. Over time I will try and touch on every myth and legend about vampyres. It will take a long time, but I hope this will bring the right light on this species as it deserves.

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